Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Portraits

Every once in a while I get to pursue something I really love doing. It is rare these days that I have the time to do something by myself, let alone something that entails some prep work, but it is worth the trouble to feel that sense of self that I get. My passion is photography. I am not picky either! Be it shooting black and white still life or family portraits, I feel fulfilled when I pick up the camera.

Once upon a time, a day would not go by that I was not out shooting something. Horses, fence posts, children, fruit, tractors - you name it. That was back when I had the money to spend thousands of dollars on lab fees and film...Yeah, it was probably thousands... Now in the digital age, I have a nice-enough point and shoot camera that I use relentlessly on my children, but I hardly give it the thought that I used to give the shots I once took.

When I dug out that Nikon camera that was once permanently attached to my hand, and began to look through the view finder, something changed inside me. I feel whole and purposeful (not that raising kids doesn't give me that satisfaction too, but this is a purely selfish contentment).

So, with that said, I would like to thank the Flip Flopping Momma for allowing me the pleasure of shooting her family portraits this past week. Of course, now I will be looking at the world in a different light. One of negative space and contrast, of aperture and depth of field. Every once in a while, this other personality wakes inside me and, for a brief time, I can remember my former life...


Jessica said...

I do not know the flip floppin mama, but she looks so much like heather flynn-laity to me...and her husband kind of looks like heather's husband, andy. this is almost scary! and its most definitely a compliment, by the way.

Rachel said...

Great job on the family photo - it turned out great!