Sunday, October 5, 2008

Birthday Party

First I had to try it out - to make sure it was safe, of course.
The Birthday Crew.

Wait a minute - those aren't all kids up there...
Ma and Pa tending to the crying chitlin's.

Well, with the camper parked at the local KOA, we thought, what a better place to have a birthday party for Sarah and some of her friends. The KOA has this wonderful Jumping Pillow which is like a really big trampoline. We thought we would try it out. I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults?

We did have a couple of minor injuries on the Jumping Pillow, one of which was Sarah stubbing her toe. Oh wait - all the minor injuries were Sarah...Rough day.

Anyway, after jumping for about 45 minutes we went back to the campsite for cake and ice cream and to open gifts. I think by the time the party was over, we successfully sent each child home completely wiped out!

Meanwhile, we hung out at the campground for the evening with friends and roasted some hotdogs and smores over the fire. (Boy, we really ate a lot of smores this summer) Sarah proclaimed that this was the best Birthday she has ever had (in all her five years of experience) and she thanked us repeatedly throughout the evening. What a sweet kid.

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