Friday, October 3, 2008

Night with Friends

The Farmer, Aiden, Jake, and Jason hang out by the fire. For some reason, they did not care for the flash on my camera...The Kempels.
Abby in all her pregnant glory. I think she glows.

We hung out at the Kempel house last weekend and were able to visit with Jake, Abby and Jack, who we have not seen since we were up North this past July. Abby is expecting a baby in January - and she looks GREAT! Their little one, Jack, is a busy little boy, but I think a new baby will give him something to keep him entertained.

We had a great time making smores and catching up by the fire.

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Jessica said...

I wish we could have been home in order to make it to this little get together...we love campfires :)