Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday

It sounds rather dreadful doesn't it? BLACK FRIDAY. Humm... I know it is referring to the time of the year when all the retail stores begin to operate "In the Black", meaning they will finally turn a profit for the year, but I would think they would give this grand day a different name....Like: Elbow Your Way to the Front of the Line Day, or how about: Get Up at 3 A.M. and Tackle Your Neighbor Day? Ok, Maybe Black Friday is fitting after all.
I, personally, am extremely excited to be participating on this wonderful, feel good day. I have even done so much as research the store sales and create lists of highlighted merchandise that I will be hunting down to snag at astronomically low prices. That is, if I do not get taken down in the process. I have never had the opportunity to take part in this fieasco before, this will be my maiden run at getting up at the crack of dawn to hunt and gather with the masses - I wonder if this is how it felt to be a pioneer, or maybe a cave woman....
So wish me luck on Friday - think of me out there, in the cold, while you are snug in your beds, for I may be getting your perfect Christmas gift.

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Anonymous said...

You weren't the only 1st timer this morning! I got there at 5a and left only having seen one person that I knew, Meagan Smith and actually got 3 items free because of the chaos. I told my husband that for once all the registers were open. I got what I wanted tho. There are some crazy people out there.
Jessica T