Friday, November 7, 2008

First We Learn To Crawl

Aiden has been getting better and better about being on his tummy. Dare I say, some days he prefers it. Albeit with a fair share of "baiting" involved.
Today we used the unassuming dog. There she lay, sprawled out in the sun, minding her own business. Dreaming about chasing rabbits in the yard, or digging up a juicy mole to enjoy in the sunshine. (The likes of which leave ginormous craters in my yard that slightly resemble a minefield.) Suddenly, (insert "Jaws" theme music) her ear is grabbed and twisted into a tightly wound tootsie roll!
Daaa-da Daaa-da Daa-Da Daa-da Da-Da Da-Da DA DA DA DA
She leaps from slumber to defend herself, realizing quickly that she has turned from the mighty predator of her dreams to the unknowing prey! Pounced upon by none other than....THE BABY!
Ok - so she saw it coming. And she somewhat enjoys becoming a jungle gym for the children. Hey, it is attention after all!
Oh - that mighty hunter - ya just gotta love him.

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Jessica said...

look out, Mommy...your world is about to take another turn w/ 2 on the move!