Thursday, November 6, 2008

It Takes It's Toll

I SLEPT! Ok, so last night was not the best night's sleep I have ever had - but we did get more than we have been getting! Aiden slept from 8 p.m. to 1:44 a.m. and, after a quick snack, then slept until 4:45 a.m. (Sarah was up at 5 for water, but that is neither here nor there) I even was up and energized enough to make everyone a big breakfast, watch the sunrise and the Co-Op chisel plow across the road with Aiden and clean the kitchen - all before the Farmer rolled out of bed at 7! Ha! We showed him!
However, I am just now realizing the toll that sleep deprivation has taken. This morning, while replacing my bar of soap in the shower, I noticed something... I had bought Dove bar soap and as an added bonus they were giving away sample bottles with the package of soap. I am always looking for free stuff and my hands have been severely chapped lately. I thought this was great! I have been slathering this stuff on after each time I wash my hands. Thinking it was a little greasy, but do-able, I have used it for three days now, religiously.... Wash hands, glop on greasy goop. Hummm, not showing improvement yet. Wonder why?

Do you notice anything here? Yep, that's right! I have been coating my hands and arms in hand wash - not lotion as I had thought I was doing! I had no idea until I happened to notice this corner of the package where it clearly states "Hand Wash".

I think I will go back to bed now.

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