Thursday, November 20, 2008


It is official, at least in my book, winter has come! We have had our first several dustings of snow. I am always excited to see the white powder floating down from the heavens to coat the earth in a glorious, clean blanket. That is until about March, then I have had it with the snow and am begging the heavens to send sun and maybe some 80 degree days. But for now, we are excited. Sarah and I run to the windows to watch the snow dance across the fields and play on the winds. We catch snowflakes on our tongues and touch small tuffs of snow stuck to the pumpkins just to feel the cold wetness on our fingers. Then we rush inside to make cocoa and fires in the fireplace and cuddle on the couch.
We are still awaiting a measurable snowfall, but we will take any amount we can get. Just do not tell the Farmer how much we love it, he would rather the snow held out until January, or at least until they are done in the combines. Who am I kidding - that will be January!

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