Friday, November 14, 2008

My Scariest Day

Ok- so it has been a while since I have posted anything, I am sorry to admit. But I have a good excuse! You all know about the no-sleeping thing we have been going through with Aiden, well the saga continues into yet another week. Over the weekend I had had it. I decided to take him into the doctor to see what the heck was going on. I know babies get restless when they teethe, and I know that around 6 or 7 months the whole separation anxiety kicks in and that will keep them up too - but this child had not slept for more then 40 minutes at a stretch for two weeks and I couldn't take it anymore.

So off to the doctor we went, under the mask of his 6 month checkup - perfect timing! Now I don't look like the overreacting parent that I really am. To make a long story short, after explaining my woes to the Dr., he also became a slight bit concerned (At least I am no longer alone here), and did a physical exam on the boy. He found that Aiden's spleen was enlarged - No wonder he could not sleep, an enlarged spleen! OK - what the heck does that mean? Turns out that an enlarged spleen can mean some serious stuff (warning to all mothers, never look it up on the Internet if your child has an enlarged spleen!). So we rushed poor little Aiden and his abnormal spleen up to the Hospital for an ultrasound. By now I am in full panic mode and I am taken the Farmer with me.

A wonderful ultrasound tech, all of 12 years old, greeted us. We laid Aiden on the same table that I laid on many times to watch him and his sister swimming happily in my tummy, and she squirted him down with the funny jelly that I too had had smooshed all over my belly. Aiden was very pleasant through all this, I think he enjoyed someone so close to his age working on him. The tech took about five minutes to look at his spleen and kidneys and promptly left the room to talk with the Dr. on duty. Now this was the longest ten minutes of my life. Did we have a tumor on our hands? Was there a problem with his kidneys? Did he have a blockage? Questions whipped through our minds.

It turns out that Aiden's spleen was within the normal parameters for an infant of his age and they found no other problems. How they could tell this from the very brief examination, was beyond me, but Whew! So now what? Well, we talked to our Pediatrician once again and he came back with the diagnosis of "Colic". Hummm, colic, huh? Well, ok, if you say so Doc.

So I am trying out a new theory. For the past to days I have been avoiding all caffeine in my diet. Yes, Ladies, that means NO CHOCOLATE. Uhg..... And what do ya know, he has slept the last two nights. Huh, who would have thunk it? I guess sleep is better than chocolate after all.


Jessica said...

Thank goodness everything is ok...I was becoming more and more nervous as I read this blog. Not that colic is an easy thing, from what I've heard, but this too shall pass (easy for me to say, right?). Please let me know if we can ever help you out in any way.

Nikki said...

You're my hero! I'd switch to formula before I'd give up chocolate! ;0P

Tamie said...

I am so happy to hear that everything went ok... Colic is difficult but you will get through with it as I did Cole and Zoe. I am here if you need anything!

bakeling said...

I come to read Aiden's news.

Take care !