Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tommy Turtle, What Color Is Your Underwear?

I am not sure when the exact moment was that I got old. Was it a gradual process, or did
I wake up one morning with no idea of what was considered cool anymore. All I know is that I no longer view low waist jeans and tight Hollister tops as appropriate adult clothing. Of course, I know some 30-somethings who still think this is the only way to leave the house...
I, apparently, have also become thoroughly confused by men's clothing as well. Above we have a case in point. Above is my dear brother-in-law (yes, the Farmer has two teenage brothers - something about an empty nest syndrome, I am not sure...But where would we be without them to use as models?) and he is sporting the "IN" look in denim these days. Do you notice anything wrong here? Like a waist maybe? I spend more time knowing the color of his underwear then I do my own!
The pants are worn so low and so big that while carrying heavy boxes for me (hey, a girl has to have her boy-servants!) they actually began to fall off the child, leaving him to spread his legs as far as they could go, just to keep his pants above his knees! I had to rescue him just before they hit the floor.
Well, I might not get it, but the girls sure seem to be wild about this boy, so he must be doing something right.

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Tamie said...

I don't understand this also... I am sure hoping that it is out of fashion before Cole gets old enough...